Beneath the waves

My contribution to the "Beneath the waves" Artstation challenge.

The story line : Long after the end of mankind. Our sucessors, peaceful and industrous creatures who are living in the vast oceans, are collecting the remains of our extinct species. They explore the dead cities, looking for ancient artefacts. Their latest discovery, a nuclear submarine, might nevertheless be their last.

Some details and work in progress images can be found here :

Dofresh 01 artefact def

# 01 : The artefact

During a routine expedition, a group of explorers find a rare and massive artefact among the ruins of a flooded human city.

Dofresh 02 transportation def

#02 : The transportation

The precious discovery is carried by a huge ship to a major underwater town.

Dofresh 03 theceremony def

#03 : The ceremony

Under the supervision of priests, the artefact is carefully placed in its new home, among many other relics of the human species.

Dofresh 04 theincident def

#04 : The incident

The artefact and its deadly payload detonate. The last gift from mankind to its successors.